Manufacturer over 20 years

We are a producer, our production plant is located in central Europe, in Poland. We operate on the steel structure production market, our specialization is containers and light structures. We design and make structures of solid materials. Our production plant is equipped with modern technologies in which we constantly invest. Steel structures and containers are designed in our design department, their construction is solid, thanks to which they are resistant to damage or weather

We also manufacture steel structures such as halls, garages, gatehouses, sheds. The constructions we offer are available in many variants, we also produce for individual needs. We deliver steel structures all over the world.

We constantly adapt our products to the needs of the market. We adjust the offered containers and containers to the needs of our clients. We are constantly developing our products and developing together with them and with the needs of our customers from all over the world. We have extensive experience, we have produced hundreds of thousands of containers. Thanks to our history, our brand enjoys a reputation, we are a proven partner.


“From design to production, complete steel structures to meet your needs.”


Design studio

In our design office, new solutions tailored to the needs of customers are created every day. Our team of designers combines its decades of experience with passion, thanks to which our projects are constantly developing and respond to the needs of the developing world.

In our creative design office, ideas are created that combine purpose, demand, expectations and requirements in one project. When the project is ready, we proceed to the production of the structure. Before it reaches the end customer, it is assembled to perform the necessary tests and calculations.

Production process


For over 20 years, our production department has been constantly developing, we have been investing in new solutions and technologies.

Each product starts in the head.

The production of containers, garages, halls and other steel structures begins with the preparation of the project.


Our engineers carry out the necessary research and tests. In turn, the structure is prepared for transport.

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